Best Combination of Skincare Ingredients

Some ingredients stack up for amazing results, and these are the combinations that you must get to know.

Best Moisturizing Combination

Hyaluronic acid and squalane are the golden partner for moisturizing, which can form a water-locking protective film on the surface, and repair the sebum layer to help the skin restore a stable state.

For example, the Advanced Night Repair from Estee Lauder has always been using this combination.

Best Antioxidant Combination

Everyone knows that vitamin C’s antioxidant capacity is very strong. In fact, vitamin E’s antioxidant capacity is 500 times that of vitamin C. When the two are used together, vitamin C can restore the oxidized vitamin E, thereby strengthening the antioxidant capacity of the formula.

For example, Skin Ceutical has a serum of Vitamin C and E.

Best anti-aging combination

Nicotinamide and vitamin A cooperate unexpectedly well in anti-aging. Nicotinamide can whiten and moisturize the skin, inhibit the transfering of melanin to keratinocytes, and vitamin A can help the skin accelerate metabolism, so we can see healthy new cells with less melanin. At the same time, the enviromental pH values of nicotinamide and vitamin A are relatively close, and both of them can work stably at the same pH value.

For example?

Just check Olay’s long list, you’ll find some.