Are There Any Remedies for Cold Sores?

Are there any remedies for cold sores?

Remedies are the economic and safe method to boost the natural healing ability of the body. Following remedies might work in curing cold sores:

  • Eat Immune-Boosting Foods. Vegetables and probiotic foods like yogurt, apple cider vinegar, kimchi, sauerkraut and natto boost the immune system naturally.
  • Supplement with Vitamin E. Vitamin E soothes the skin and may help to relieve pain and discomfort from cold sores.
  • Supplement with Vitamin C. Boost your white blood cell count with vitamin C, which helps defend your body against invaders.
  • Boost Your Zinc Intake. Zinc is an essential trace mineral needed to maintain health, reduce inflammation and boost immunity.
  • Take L-lysine. It is an amino acid that works as a natural herpes treatment when taken by mouth or applied directly to the skin.
  • Ice It. Apply ice to the cold sore to reduce inflammation and slow down blood flow to the sore.

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