Are There Alternative Treatment Options for Pancreatic Cancer?

Are there alternative treatment options for pancreatic cancer?

Pancreatic Cancer Alternative Treatment has come a long way. In conventional treatment, it is pretty grim of the prognosis for pancreatic cancer.

Fortunately, there are effective alternative treatments proven to be available in causing the cancer cell to die without killing healthy cells.

A pancreatic cancer alternative treatment protocol is likely to include the following therapies:

  • IPT (Insulin Potentiated Therapy)
  • UBI (Ultraviolet Blood Irritation)
  • Salicinium: a plant-based compound that contains a sugar molecule combined with what is called a “benzaldehyde carbon ring”.
  • Oxidative therapies
  • An intravenous and oral therapy that uses a very specific extract of green tea and cayenne pepper

Always talk over your treatment options with your doctor and/or medical team.

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