Are All Bladder Tumors Cancerous?


I was found to have a bladder tumor in physical exam. The doctor sent my biopsy to be analyzed. I’m waiting for the result nervously. Are all tumors in the bladder cancerous?


Tumors are divided into two types – benign tumors and malignant tumors. bladder tumors are no exception.

However, the division is not half-and-half. In bladder, most tumors are cancerous. A cancerous tumor indicates bladder cancer. The tumor is malignant and the growth of abnormal cells is out of control. Without treatment, its spread to other parts of the body is hard to prevent.

In a few cases where the bladder tumor is benign, the treatment is much easier and both the patient and the doctor are under far less pressure. Benign bladder tumors do not spread. Sometimes there is no need for the patient to receive treatment, for it doesn’t do any harm to the body. But regular medical tests are necessary in case of unexpected deterioration.


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