Any Test Questions That Can Be Used to Test PTSD?

Any test questions that can be used to test PTSD?

I have prepared the following questions for you as a first-step test to examine whether you may have PTSD or not, the answers only include true or false:

  • Have you ever been exposed to a traumatic event?
  • During the traumatic event, did you feel terrified or helpless?
  • Do you constantly relived the traumatic events in your mind?
  • Do you have nightmares about those stressful events?
  • Have you ever tried to avoid places, thoughts, feelings that may remind you of the traumatic events?
  • Do you have difficulty in trusting people, even the most intimate friends?
  • Do you have problems in showing emotions?
  • Do you have insomnia?
  • Are you easily ignited?
  • Are you constantly feeling and acting ready for any kind of threat (hypervigilant)?
  • Have you been experiencing symptoms for more than one month?
  • Do symptoms interfere with your normal life?

If most of your answers are true, please check with doctors as soon as possible.

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