Any Exercises or Home Remedies for Levoscoliosis?

Any exercises or home remedies for levoscoliosis?

Levoscoliosis is a clinical condition in which parts of the spine are abnormally curved to the left, or the curvature of the spine to the left side of the body.

Speaking of the home remedies and exercises for levoscoliosis, it may include the followings:

Physical Therapies or Exercises
Certain exercises can be used for mild cases of levoscoliosis, such as exercises for strengthening the muscles on the weakened side, and exercises for correcting the deformed postures. Two types of exercises are suggestible: performing alternating shoulder flexion and hip extension lying in a prone position.

Yoga, Massage, and Acupressure
Pain occurring from levoscoliosis can be effectively reduced through yoga and massage, because they can strengthen the spinal muscles; Acupressure is also a beneficial method in pain alleviation, because study shows it can reduce the spinal curvature by 10 degrees.

Chiropractic Manipulation
Chiropractic treatments are usually used to stop the progression of the symptoms.

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