Anti-Liver/Kidney Microsomal Antibodies Type1 Test – Negative, Positive

A high amount or titer of anti-LKM-1 indicates that it is likely that the person tested has type 2 autoimmune hepatitis, but the result is not definitive.

A liver biopsy may be performed to evaluate liver tissue for damage and scarring to help confirm the diagnosis.

If the anti-LKM-1 test is negative, but SMA and/or ANA are positive, then the person likely has type 1 autoimmune hepatitis.

If both are negative, then the person’s symptoms are likely due to a cause other than autoimmune hepatitis.

However, the condition is not entirely ruled out. Not all people with autoimmune hepatitis will produce anti-LKM-1 or SMA antibodies; some people produce other autoantibodies that are rarely tested.

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