Air Pollution May Lead to Cognitive Decline

As we know, air pollution is harmful to our health, especially the lungs. Recently, a new research published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences finds air pollution is also linked to human cognitive decline.

The new research was conducted by a trio of researchers from Beijing Normal University, Yale University and Peking University. They tested 25,000 people living in 162 counties in China, involving both genders from teenagers to older adults. Then, they compared the data with air pollution conditions of these countries.

Through analyzing, they found that the higher the levels of air pollution the lower the test scores as people grew older. It means that mental decline is worse in the area with high-level air pollution, and mental decline will progress over time.

They also pointed out that men with less education was the most affected group. Because less educated men usually work outside in China, and have more chances to expose to air pollution.

Besides, the researchers also noted that they found some evidence of an increase in the rate of neurodegenerative diseases.

The researchers didn’t figure out how pollution might be causing cognitive decline and which air pollution constituent might be to blame. But they suggested it may be associated with white matter in the brain.

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