5 Natural Home Remedies for Nosebleeds in Children

The nose is one of the most sensitive areas of the body. Nosebleeds happens because of many reasons including the dry environment, allergic reactions, excessive heat, hard scratching etc. When it happens, you might feel confusion, weakness or dizziness. Here we will show you 5 natural home remedies for nosebleeds in children above. However, you should go to see the doctor if the problem gets serious.

1. Pinch your nose. It will reduce the blood flow immediately thereafter. Leave this statement as follows: Sit down and keep your head forward and then use the index finger and thumb to pinch the nose. Do it for 5-10 minutes several times a day. Do not lie down and avoid blowing your nose.

2. Cold compress. Cold compress will lower the flow of blood and stop bleeding for a few minutes. Prepare some ice cubes and use a towel to wrap them in. Sit down and keep tilting your head back. Apply the cold compress on the nose bridge for 10 minutes. Repeat several times a day.

3. Apple cider vinegar. Use a cotton ball and put it in apple cider vinegar and then wear it in your nose for 10 minutes. You can also combine warm water, apple cider vinegar to drink three times a day.

4.Onion.  Onion has coagulants, which makes it an effective remedy for nosebleeds. It is also very easy to use onion for nosebleeds. Just cut onion into different slices. Put one slice on the nose and breathe. Alternatively, you can also drop some onion juice in nostril several times.

5. Salt water. The reason for nosebleeds is dryness from the air. Salt water helps and it is easy to do at home. You can combine ½ glass of water with a little salt, and then apply a few drops of the mixture in the nose. Do it 2-3 times a day and you will get the better effect.