2018 Flu – Feb Reported Deaths & Doctors’ Suggestions

Since entering 2018 this season’s flu didn’t slow down at all, from Jan to Feb there’re reported deaths across the United States. Here are some of the flu patients who were reported death during late Jan to early Feb. While feeling sad and praying for them, we hope to provide the information about their diseases and treatments to arouse more people’s attention about the flu.

Name Age Gender Diagnosis Complications
Dulce Estrella 0 flu mom in flu, can only save one
Eli Snook 5 male flu test negative brain infection
Lily Kershaw 5 female flu flu related complications
Emily Muth 6 female flu pneumonia
Savanna Jessie 7 female Influenza B strep throat and scarlet fever
Kevin Baynes Jr. 7 male flu strep throat
Nico Mallozzi 10 male influenza B pneumonia
Aaron Masterson 12 male Influenza B genetic disease
Dylan Winnik 12 male flu didn’t visit a doctor
Alyssa Alcaraz 12 female flu Strep infection
Kira Molina 15 female influenza A initial test shows negative, it might be false
Alani Murrieta 20 female flu pneumonia
Kyler Baughman 21 male flu
Katharine Gallagher 27 female flu severe acute bronchial pneumonia
Tandy Harmon 36 female flu pneumonia and Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) infection
Karlie Illg Slaven 37 female flu pneumonia
Heather Holland 38 female influenza B delayed medication
Katie Oxley Thomas 40 female flu pneumonia
Katherine Acto 47 female flu healthy person, train regularly
Jenny Ching 51 female flu severe pneumonia


Other than the aged group 65 and over, children and female adults should pay more attention when flu symptoms come out. Learning from the above cases, there’re a few suggestions from Health FAQ staff to everyone.

  1. Visit a doctor as soon as you notice the symptom, get both the flu test and regular blood test, take medication as soon as you can. Several death cases show delayed medical exam and delayed medication, which raises the risk of complications including pneumonia. Several cases show virus combining bacteria infection, so a regular blood test to test bacteria infection is a must.
  2. If the initial test shows flu negative, you should pay attention to the symptoms and following development, when you notice labored breathing, please go to the ER or call 911 asap.
  3. For busy moms, when you start to feel sick, take it seriously. Flu kill busy moms too.
  4. Some patients experienced fast development of complications since they first had symptoms, some developed severe pneumonia in 48 hours. When the patients rest at home, check their symptoms every single hour rather than by day. If the symptoms go worse in one or two hours, call 911 immediately.
  5. If you’re taking care of family members who’re in flu, remember to washing your hands frequently, and don’t touch your nose or eyes with your hands.


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